Hey Foodies, Today, Let’s stir up some Eggless Pancakes, quickly.. In our brand new series, “Stir it Up, QUICK!” 😀 These look delicious right, They are super delicious! Makes a perfect Breakfast any day, why only Sunday? 😛 These super soft, airy and fluffy pancakes, are amazing, so let’s dig in to recipe quick and […]

Hey! Today, let’s make Eggless Mayonnaise! Well, a lot of the times we think what to serve as a dip.. Specially when we’re in a hurry.. Sure, there are many dips available in Market but nothing like homemade right? Here, I bring my eggless mayonnaise recipe.. Tastes excellent, specially with fries! 🙂 Print Eggless Mayonnaise Recipe / […]

Hie foodies, We all relish that glass of falooda, even after a huge meal on any hot summer day.  Well there’s something special we all like in it. And, I am here today with it, making it in the comfort of home. Well, one of the most important ingredient of falooda is the noodles or sev, […]

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