Hey, Well, We use condensed milk for many recipes, Including Eggless Cakes, Kheer, and lotsa more yummy stuff.. Now, why buy that overpriced canned stuff? When you can make Fresh at home, that too with real natural ingredients.. Print Serves: 330 Grams   Ingredients Milk – 500ml {Toned} Sugar – 1 Cup Baking Soda – 1 […]

Buttercream Recipe
March 12, 2014

Hey Foodies, You all have been asking me for buttercream, Here it comes! Buttercream, Everyone has their own recipe, but it all starts with a base recipe right? A mix of butter and hefty amount of sugar is blended to an extend when its airy, fluffy, light, and creamy. Thats what is Buttercream Icing or […]

Hey Foodies, I’m sorry for delaying this.. But its finally here! Fondant, Is like a play dough.. But its edible! Fondant is used and can be used for making anything! Its like a blank canvas with all the colors beside, waiting for you to start.. Let us have a look at the recipe for it! […]

Hie Friends, Do you want to know a recipe for a icing or a frosting or a glaze thats easy to make and is scrumptious to eat? Well, you are at the right post.. We’ll make some ganache today.. Ganache is nothing but cream and chocolate.. Can cream and chocolate ever go wrong? Never!   […]

Hie Friends, I’ve received many questions, comments, emails regarding whipped cream.. Sourcing Whipping Cream or whipped cream in India is not that easy. But we do get a low fat cream, which is usually used for curries/cooking.. The cream being a low fat, is not easy to whip.. After a couple of tries, I’ve achieved […]

Chenna Recipe | Indian Cooking Basics
September 9, 2013

Hey Foodies,  Chenna Recipe here.. Its a quick post! I have used this homemade recipe while making prasad for Lord Ganesha, recipe is Sandesh Modak which you can find it here. Print Chenna Recipe| Indian Food Basics Recipe type: Indian Basics Cuisine: Indian   Ingredients Fresh non-homogenized milk – 500ml Lemon Juice – 2 Tbsp. Water – […]