Hey, Navratan Korma, nine jewels in a rich creamy korma gravy. This mild-ly sweet korma is a favorite of everyone, and goes well with almost any bread or rice preparation.. I love to eat it just as it is as well, so Let’s get to see how to make this Restaurant Style. Text Recipe Print […]

Hey Foodies, Thanks a milli to you.. We’ve made a new kitchen.. Thanks a ton for your love and support.. Keep showering and I’ll bring exciting recipes for you 🙂 Haven’t you checked the pics of our kitchen? How can it be? Aren’t you following us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter??? Go ahead, follow us there and check the […]

Hey ya Foodies, Balle Balle ^_^ As you might know, BPM being my one of the firstest dishes and I love experimenting on it.. Well, I had a BPM from a dhaba which struck me to get onto cooking years back.. So a week back, I thought forget the restaurant style, lets do the karchi-tod […]

Hie, There are times when suddenly milk curdles.. And we make paneer out of it.. Same happened with me, but when i was making condensed milk. Which meant it was heavily sweet. and hence much cant be done there! After thinking a lot, thought why not make Paneer bhurji, with loads of veggies and chili. […]

Mix Veg Sabzi Recipe
January 8, 2014

Namaskar Friends 🙂 A rich, spicy makhani gravy loaded with fried veggies is nothing but our own Mix Veg Sabzi!!! Mix Veg Sabzi is made in various ways, super dry form, super gravy form.. After having some mix veg in a restaurant which was made in such a form which was neither dry nor filled […]

Hie Friends, Winters are here.. I must say, there’s a nip in the air.. Its perfect time to make some Dal Bati Churma!! My parents lived in Rajasthan for a couple of years.. Mom taught me how to prepare the unbelievably yummy Dal, Bati, Churma.. Dal for the dal bati churma is made with a […]

Hie Friends, Few Days Back on My Navratri Satvik Spread Day 4. There was this Nepali Sadeko Aloo.. Afaik, Sadeko means Marinated! So its Marinated Roasted Potatoes.. This is so delicious and versatile.. Like you can have this just as a starter or any time snack, or with rice/roti.. Anytime in the day.. They usually […]