Hie Friends, Today, I’ve got canapes with chatpati chaat stuffing.. This is so easy to make that you can rock and roll in less than 5 mins, and and thats not all, this is toasted and not baked which means even healthier!! I can guarantee that one will ask for more and more.. So lets […]

Hie, Masala Vada, Vadai, Paruppu Vadai whatever you call, its the same crisp and yummy South Indian Snack.. A rainy day, cool breeze, piping hot tea with this vadas, Can you resist? No, I cant! 😀 Few months back, dad got some of these and we loved it.. The crispy vadas with the peanut chutney […]

Re-posting the recipe with Video attached. It is October 5th, and Navratri is knocking the door. It is believed that these nine days, there is this positive energy all around and it is the best time to cleanse ourselves. The Vedas have stated that there is nothing better than going “Satwik”, Satwik bhojan is the […]

Momos Simply Veg | Appetizers
September 23, 2013

Veg Momos, aka Steamed Dumplings is one such thing that makes everyone crave from toddlers, to teenagers like me, to youth like my sissy, and adults like my dad. 😀 And, every time we make it, we literally have a hard time rolling so many dumplings as we all love it so much. Jokes apart, […]