Hie foodies, We all relish that glass of falooda, even after a huge meal on any hot summer day.  Well there’s something special we all like in it. And, I am here today with it, making it in the comfort of home. Well, one of the most important ingredient of falooda is the noodles or sev, […]

Hie Foodies, Now-a-days, Wherever you go you see these Dosa Bandi’s and they have something special to offer.. From Tawa Idli’s to Butter Dosa to Tawa Vadas to Cheese Dosa.. Everyone has something special to offer, now what makes it special is a mix of spices{Karam Podi/Gun Powder} and butter.. Well, every bandi wala has […]

Hie Friends, I don’t know whats the craze round the world with small dumplings filled with sauces/fillings.. Here, the chaat Indian People’s most enjoy! Its Pani Puri or Gol Gappa or Puchka or Bataashe or Gup Chup!! Your Favorite right? Lets make puris for Pani puri.. Which is the most difficult task.. Getting thin, crisp […]

Tikki Chaat / Ragda Pattice Recipe
December 8, 2013

Hie Guys.. Now, let me know what would you call this yummy chaat? If we look in a way, its Tikki Chaat, in another way its Ragda Pattice.. This is how i make this and i call this Ragda Pattice.. Although, this is neither Ragda Pattice or Tikki Chat. But whatever you call, this is […]