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Mushroom Masala Recipe – Spicy Indian Gravy Curry Restaurant Style – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

If you are overloaded with the festive food and looking forward to making something light and easy on the stomach. Then what’s better dish than making mushrooms, here is a delicious mushroom masala Indian gravy dish with awesome flavors.  Mushrooms cooked in rich, thick, creamy gravy, with onions, cashews and aromatic masala and spices. A semi dry lightly spiced Indian gravy which is perfect accompaniment for steamed rice or Indian bread varieties. Off to making Mushroom Masala a true Indian gravy dish.

Recipe below!

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Baked Khichdi Recipe / Rice Casserole | One Pot Recipe Challenge

Hey Foodies,

Don’t you feel lazy at times to cook a dish? What comes up to you? I basically look to make a simple, healthy and easy to make.. If that’s one pot, icing on the cake!


So the wonderful people behind Mooppi! have challenged me to make my favorite One Pot Dish.. My response was why not? There’s lot more one pot recipes than One Pot Pasta..


In an instant, I knew what I will make, it’s baked khichdi.. It’s simple to make, high on nutrition, and there are numerous ways you can gorge on it. Be it serving a scoop full with papad, chutney and achar or a wedge with schezwan sauce 😉


Let’s not delay any further, here’s the recipe in detail:

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I did my part, Now it’s your turn & you can win a $250 Amazon Gift Card if you can impress many peeps and get their winks for your dish. The person with the most winks, and the higher level will win the challenge on 25th February 2016.

The challenge to you – Make your favorite One Pot Dish and post it on the Mooppi App in the challenge – . You may post an image, or an video or if you like to you want to a writeup. Get the Mooppi App now and game on –

Learn More about Mooppi! –


That’s all peeps, catch you soon 🙂

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