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Mini Plum Cakes – Christmas Special | Eggless Baking without Oven

Hey Foodies,

Its been a while that I have posted something in the line Egg-less baking without Oven. What better than this time of the year, cool breezy mornings-evenings, and the start of winters. Winters along with them bring a surprise every year, with some many festivities round the corner, Christmas is definitely not a miss. In fact, today’s recipe is dedicated to Christmas, perfect for gifting, and a plus no alcohol used.



Easy peasy, not much soaking involved, and a perfect season’s greeting!



So, without further ado, here is the recipe.

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I love the little crunch from cashews and walnuts and plus the goey texture is heaven from tutti-fruity. A must try for this season. Do pour in your thoughts upon this delicacy in the comments below.


Don’t forget to share, cause sharing is caring 😀


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Navratri 2015 – Day 1 Satvik Thali | Mirch Makhani Sabzi Recipe

Hey Foodies,

Navratri, a festival filled with joy, happiness, positivity is all here! It’s the time when we fast for 9 days, pray to god, play garba-dandia.. Talking about the fast, people follow different rituals for it, Some eat food once a day, some eat only falhari food once a day, some eat food with no salt, some with only sendha/rock salt, some eat only fruits, some only drink water or milk, some eat only satvik food.. Many other rituals are there, all families follow different things but what brings them together is the God & the energy & positivity  God gives us while fasting!

My family follows to eat Satvik Food Once a day in the festival. So, today is the Day 1 of the Nine Day Festival, and here’s the Satvik thali I made for today 🙂


Simply Delectable.

What’s on the Menu?

  • Mirch Makhani – (Focus Recipe – Recipe Below)
  • Simple Daily Dal
  • Dry Chole Aloo Sabzi
  • Lauki ka Raita
  • Rotis
  • Jeera Rice
  • Sabudana Wada
  • Coconut-Coriander Chutney
  • Chocolate Pistachio Barfi
  • Coconut Water


Mirch Makhani Recipe –

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Tender Coconut Ice Cream Recipe ~ Natural Style | No-Eggs No-Ice Cream Maker

Hey Foodies,

What has to be done, when you have the most number of requests for an ice cream? You gotta make it for them! :D


Well, this Tender Coconut Ice Cream, “Natural Ice Creams Parlour” Style is the most requested ice cream since last year’s Beat the Heat / 7 Days 7 Ice Creams..


This ice cream is simple, but delightful & cools you instantly down! That’s the magic of the tender coconut, and surprisingly is easy to make.. So let’s start :

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The sweet part(or I must say how much this Tender Coconut Ice Cream is relished), I was in Natural Ice Cream Parlour about 20 days back.. As soon as we entered, saw a kiddo(4-5 years) asking his mumma for another scoop of TC ice cream and continued.. That was surprising.. And I was the one who got the TC in all 4 of us rest the parlour was empty except he & his parents that time, and he started roaming around me & started poking me :P His mumma said sorry and they left then :P Well, that was sweet, but not as much the ice cream(way too sweet it was :P) Hope his mumma checks this recipe out & churns out this Ice Cream for him :D

That’s all for today! Make & Beat the Heattt! Bye, there’s more coming soon! :)


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