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Pyaz Kachori Recipe – Perfect Crispy Aloo Pyaj Rajasthani Kachauri – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

Today’s recipe is of Aloo Pyaz ki Kachori. This is one of the most popular street snack and it’s lip smacking yummy and full of flavour. Whether you are expecting guest or just want to indulge in some hot kachori’s in the rainy season, this is what will give you complete satisfaction. Made with loads of fragrant spice blend, besan, potatoes and onions. Filled in soft rolled out dough and flattened with you delicate hands. Twice fried until puffy and golden in colour. Served with sweet banana, dates and tamarind chutney. It’s mouth watering, try this tangy, spicy, crunchy kachori today.

Recipe below!


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Paneer Parcha Sabzi Recipe | Indian Main Course – Restaurant Style Indian Recipes

Hey Foodies,

Paneer Parcha, a dish close to paneer pasanda though quite different.


This restaurant style paneer recipe, is a perfect one to dish out to serve with rotis, parathas, naans, steamed rice, pulao, basically any side dish.


A mild flavored rich birista-cashew-yogurt based gravy along with a slice of paneer which has been sandwiched with veggies and grilled. Try it out now!


Recipe below!



Step 1: Add Plain flour to a mixing bowl.


Little high on the fats, but this paneer parcha tastes divine. Much better than the one I tasted at the restaurant. Why not try this and share a virtual treat with me? That’s all for today, keep cooking & stay fantastic!

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