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Kadhi Pakora Recipe – Super Soft Pakoda Punjabi Kadi – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

Kadhi Pakora is made almost in every Indian household and in every region of India. There are many variations to making a kadhi but the basic recipe is the same, using besan, sour curd and spices. Slow cooked over low heat for almost an hour. To add some more uniqueness to the kadhi, super soft fried pakoras are also added to enhance the flavour of the kadhi. It’s a healthy and extremely tasty dish. Learn how to make authentic Punjabi Kadhi Pakora right here.

Recipe below!

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Suji Kachori Recipe – Crispy Rajasthani Moong Dal Khasta Kachauri – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

Today’s recipe hails from Rajasthan, very popular snack which can be made in various variations. We are talking about Kachori commonly known as Khasta Kachauri. Kachori’s are deep fried crispy and crunchy pastry balls stuffed with a savoury filling of moong dal, besan and a mild sweet and spicy dry masala. This recipe is unique in its own way, the outer covering is not made using maida rather its made with suji or semolina, which is a much healthier option. The most important part of the recipe is to ensure that the kachoris turn crispy from outside and super soft and moist from inside. Let’s get to it.

Recipe below!

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Paneer Biryani Recipe – Restaurant Style | Indian Main Course Recipes

Hey Foodies,

We all crave for food all the time, don’t we? This is one recipe which once you make it, you’re going to crave for it again & again..


This Paneer Biryani is what I order everytime I’m in a restaurant, and this is what they usually give in a thali.. Super glad, I tried to make it at home, and bingo tastier results.. 😀


Smooth, sweet flavor from birista, or fried onions & a sublte flavor from cloves.. Try it to believe it, you’re going to love it!! Let’s begin with the recipe 🙂

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That was a bit lengthy, but believe me it is easy! Make it, and let me know how it turns out for you’all 🙂

Thanks 🙂

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Navratri 2015 – Day 1 Satvik Thali | Mirch Makhani Sabzi Recipe

Hey Foodies,

Navratri, a festival filled with joy, happiness, positivity is all here! It’s the time when we fast for 9 days, pray to god, play garba-dandia.. Talking about the fast, people follow different rituals for it, Some eat food once a day, some eat only falhari food once a day, some eat food with no salt, some with only sendha/rock salt, some eat only fruits, some only drink water or milk, some eat only satvik food.. Many other rituals are there, all families follow different things but what brings them together is the God & the energy & positivity  God gives us while fasting!

My family follows to eat Satvik Food Once a day in the festival. So, today is the Day 1 of the Nine Day Festival, and here’s the Satvik thali I made for today 🙂


Simply Delectable.

What’s on the Menu?

  • Mirch Makhani – (Focus Recipe – Recipe Below)
  • Simple Daily Dal
  • Dry Chole Aloo Sabzi
  • Lauki ka Raita
  • Rotis
  • Jeera Rice
  • Sabudana Wada
  • Coconut-Coriander Chutney
  • Chocolate Pistachio Barfi
  • Coconut Water


Mirch Makhani Recipe –

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Tandoori Paneer Tikka in Tawa Recipe | Vegetarian Indian Starter Recipe

Hey Foodies..

We’ve made a few tandoori recipes earlier, but in our very own tandoor/charcoal bbq/grill at home.. It’s time to make some tandoori flavor paneer tikka in tawa or over stove top..


Paneer, peppers & onions marinated in a charred tomato & spices marinate then cooked in a skillet..


,A dish to impress anyone with, and extremely easy to make.. what else from a recipe we desire for? Let’s get cooking 🙂


Now time for the text recipe 🙂

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Video Recipe:

Soft & Juicy Cubes of Paneer, coated in a rich smoky marinate and cooked in a tawa.. I & my family simply loved the dish, and din’t miss anything in this Paneer Tikka.. So make it, & share how you liked it. That’s all for today, Thanks 🙂


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