Navratri Satvik Spreads – Day 4

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Its already day 4, and as was planned “this was a gulab jamun day” 😀 Many yum dishes today, the amazing looking salad, and that matar panner! Matar panner indeed tasted like any curry served in a restaurant. Dal ensured the simplicity and the completeness of the platter.

Here’s what was in there:

Dal, Matar Paneer, Sade ko alu(marinated slow-roasted potatoes), Lemon Rice, Mini Parota, Chapati, Salad, Khichiya, Gulab Jamuns!!!

Big Images, from now on!

1 1213  367811 10 9    5 4


This was Day 4, 5 more days to go!

Day 1 Spread Here!

Day 2 Spread Here!

Day 3 Spread Here!



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