Navratri Satvik Spreads – Day 5

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Today, its Day 5! I am not fasting, but my mom is, and i am also getting to enjoy this lovely spreads that i make for her..

People fast in different styles as per their preference, some fully avoid the grains and pulses and eat only fruits and specific flours. Though, my mother follows a satvik diet as we feel it is the best choice.

I was feeling lazy, so dint make anything special today.. Ofcourse, the reason behind the simple spread was also that from past 2 days mom was feeling that the food was on the heavy side.. So, this day was pretty simple with no much on the meal but with a starter, I hope you like it. Do drop in your comments!

What’s in there?

Mix Dal, Masala Alu Beans, Rice, Roti, Sabudana Vada(Starter) with Green Chutney, Potato Chips and Fryums and Malai Pedas

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This was Day 5, 4 more days to go!

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