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Corn Samosa – Hyderabadi Irani Crispy Snack Recipe – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

Samosa is the most loved and sought after snack recipe, relished in India. These small crispy, triangles are so addictive, and are a popular specialty snack in all Irani Cafes around the country, and it’s most popular in Hyderabad. These samosas, also goes by the name of Irani Samosas. Most regular samosas have a filling of potatoes and peas, but with time a lot of variations have been added specially concerning the filling. This recipe has a filling of corn, fragrant spices and a secret ingredient, pressed rice most commonly known as poha. The samosa have a super crispy and smooth exterior and is loaded with awesome filling in the inside.  Serve them at your party or just enjoy them alone with a cup of hot Irani Chai.

Recipe below!

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Upma Pakoras / Semolina Fritters Recipe | Easy Evening Tea Starters, Snack ON!


How’ve you been? I have been down, but all is good now.. It’s been long, let’s start off with our Snack ON series 🙂


simple & delish – try out this easy to make starter : Upma Pakoras or in other words Semolina Fritters. Crunchy from out, fluffy inside goes well with tomato ketchup, chutneys.. Perfect evening snack to munch on with a cup of tea! Without further ado, here comes the recipe:

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Easy to make, easy to finish up.. 🙂

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