Hie Friends, Today, I’ve got canapes with chatpati chaat stuffing.. This is so easy to make that you can rock and roll in less than 5 mins, and and thats not all, this is toasted and not baked which means even healthier!! I can guarantee that one will ask for more and more.. So lets […]

Hie Guys, Whether we call it Mirchi Vada or Mirch Vadai or Wada.. Its the same thing, but has a good amount of variations.. Jaipuri Mirchi Vada or Rajasthani Mirchi Vadas are usually made with potato stuffing! But here I have the Andhra Style or South Indian Style! The little bit of Nutty-Tangy Kick is […]

Hie, Masala Vada, Vadai, Paruppu Vadai whatever you call, its the same crisp and yummy South Indian Snack.. A rainy day, cool breeze, piping hot tea with this vadas, Can you resist? No, I cant! 😀 Few months back, dad got some of these and we loved it.. The crispy vadas with the peanut chutney […]

Paneer Chili | With Thai Flavors!
November 6, 2013

Hey Guys, Paneer is a favorite of everyone.. Its mild and mingles with the spices you throw in the dish.. Paneer Chili is very popular among all age groups.. Whether its a kid or a adult, everyone loves it! Ofcourse, it should be as it comes from one of the most delectable cuisine’s, “Indo-Chinese”! In […]

Navratri Satvik Spreads – Day 8
October 12, 2013

Guys, Today is Ashtami/8th day of Navratri.. My mom makes all the dishes and these all are traditional meal prepared in any Hindu Festival. Whats in there? Alu Sabzi, Poori, Chane ki Sabzi, Atta Halwa This was Day 6, 3 more days to go! Day 1 Spread Here! Day 2 Spread Here! Day 3 Spread […]

Navratri Satvik Spreads – Day 7
October 12, 2013

Hey Foodies, Lord Katyani is worshipped on seventh day.. Here, we have the 7th day’s Navratri Spread, Just for you all!!! What’s in there: Moong Sprouts Sabzi, Chana Dal, Sangri Sabzi, Luchi, Tandoori Roti, Raita, Sweet Rice, Mini Sago Thalipeeth! This was Day 6, 3 more days to go! Day 1 Spread Here! Day 2 […]

Navratri Satvik Spreads – Day 6
October 11, 2013

Hey Foodies, Its 6th day.. This time, the days are finishing so fast.. Lets see what, I have got for you! What’s in there: Malai Tori Sabzi, Alu Matar, Gajar Chawal, Wheat-Lacha Paratha, Kheer, Moong Salad, Khaman Dhokla, SweetnSour Chutney! This was Day 6, 3 more days to go! Day 1 Spread Here! Day 2 […]

Navratri Satvik Spreads – Day 5
October 11, 2013

Today, its Day 5! I am not fasting, but my mom is, and i am also getting to enjoy this lovely spreads that i make for her.. People fast in different styles as per their preference, some fully avoid the grains and pulses and eat only fruits and specific flours. Though, my mother follows a […]

Navratri Satvik Spreads – Day 4
October 9, 2013

Its already day 4, and as was planned “this was a gulab jamun day” 😀 Many yum dishes today, the amazing looking salad, and that matar panner! Matar panner indeed tasted like any curry served in a restaurant. Dal ensured the simplicity and the completeness of the platter. Here’s what was in there: Dal, Matar […]