Hey Foodies, This Sambharo or Achar or Condiment is given with all kinds of Fried food.. Whether its Fafda, Kachori, Samosa, anything! I’ve seen this being given even with Vada Pav! With subtle changes, This just tastes awesome with anything! Now, like for a spicy fried food, cut the spice in this with lemon.. And […]

Hey Foodies, I’m sorry for delaying this.. But its finally here! Fondant, Is like a play dough.. But its edible! Fondant is used and can be used for making anything! Its like a blank canvas with all the colors beside, waiting for you to start.. Let us have a look at the recipe for it! […]

Hie, There are times when suddenly milk curdles.. And we make paneer out of it.. Same happened with me, but when i was making condensed milk. Which meant it was heavily sweet. and hence much cant be done there! After thinking a lot, thought why not make Paneer bhurji, with loads of veggies and chili. […]

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