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Corn Soup Recipe

Hey Foodies,

This time, I am with Corn Soup.. This guy is really popular and everyone relishes this! I thought why not give it something different? I added some spiciness to this corn soup which usually has sweet and creamy taste.. And guess what? That spiciness was magical!

Text recipe, Just for you all! 😀
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Corn Soup Recipe
Recipe type: Soup
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 2
  • Boiled Sweet Corn Kernels - 1 Cob
  • Boiled Sweet Corn Kernel paste - 1 Cob
  • Green Chilies - ½ Tsp
  • Butter - 1 Tbsp
  • Salt - As desired
  • Sugar - As desired
  • Pepper - As desired
  • Oregano - ½ Tsp
  • Corn Flour - 1 Tsp
  • Cream - 2 Tsp
  1. Heat up a pan, add butter. Roast Boiled Corn Kernels until they are a bit more tender and they puff up like pearls.
  2. Add the corn paste and 1-2 Cups of Water. Stir and wait until a roaring boil.
  3. Now add the salt, pepper, sugar, oregano, green chilies. Stir and simmer for 2-3 mins.
  4. Make a paste of corn flour and ½ cup water. Add the mixture as required/desired. Cook for 2 mins.
  5. Add the cream. Switch off flame. And our magical soup is ready! Serve Hot!


Recipe seems easy n yummy isn’t it? Green Chilies gives a very unique taste to this, Not to forget that i craved for some oregano in that soup and guess what? That took it to next level! Do try it out and let us know the outcome!

Until then, Happy CookingShooking!

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Tomato Soup – The classic way!

Hey foodies,

When it comes to soup in my home. Its always Tomato soup!

My mom prepares in a different way though, she does not use any flour, cream or butter. I thought why not try with these guys and make the classic way? Of-course it was a super hit!

Here’s the classy way for you!

Enjoyy this awesomeness!!

Tomato Soup - The classic way!
Recipe type: Soup
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 2
  • Tomatoes - 4 Cubed
  • Onion - ½ Cubed
  • Cinnamon - 2-3 1" Pieces
  • Peppercorns - 1 Tsp
  • Bay Leaf - 2 Small/1 Big
  • Butter - 1½ Tbsp
  • Plain Flour - ½ Tbsp
  • Salt - As per Taste
  • Sugar - As per Taste
  • Ketchup - 3 Tbsp
  • Cream - 2 Tbsp or as desired
  1. In a pan, add the tomatoes, onion, peppercorns, bayleaf, cinnamon and cook for 10 mins in medium flame or until soft n pulpy.
  2. Cool it, Discard Bayleaf,cinnamon. Make a puree adding water little by little. Approx 1 cup water will be used. Strain and keep aside.
  3. In a pan, add butter, cook maida until light golden. Add the tomato mixture. After it boils, add the salt, sugar, ketchup. Cook for 3-5 mins.
  4. Now add the cream. Mix cream and serve hot!
If you cook the soup after adding cream. It can curdle. Add cream just before serving!



tomato soup is ready!!! Serve it hot with bread croutons! I prefer chopped toasted breads.

Do try this, i am sure you’ll love this!

Until then, Happy CookingShooking!

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Momos Simply Veg | Appetizers

Veg Momos, aka Steamed Dumplings is one such thing that makes everyone crave from toddlers, to teenagers like me, to youth like my sissy, and adults like my dad. 😀 And, every time we make it, we literally have a hard time rolling so many dumplings as we all love it so much. Jokes apart, Momos is traditionally a Tibetan dish, years after its popularity in the Tibet people in Nepal, Bhutan and North-eastern India have claimed it to be their dishes. No offences here guys. We respect food, let it come from anywhere. So, the below version is a simple recipe which you may find similar to some of the Veg Momo stalls in Darjeeling!

Guests coming in? Well, you can definitely make it for the appetizer. (Disheartening fact, Darjeeling street vendors sell 7-8 of these at INR 10-15 bucks, crazily low priced)

Dips for Veg Momos:

Red chilli chutney for momos! – Recipe here

Classic Momo Chutney – Recipe here

Green Chili Chutney – Recipe here
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Momos Simply Veg | Appetizers
  • Grated Cabbage - 1½ medium size
  • Finely chopped onion - 2 large
  • Grated Ginger - 2 inch piece(1 tbsp)
  • Butter - 1 tbsp
  • Salt - as per taste
  • Black pepper - as per taste
  • Maida(plain flour) - 1 cup
  • Oil - as needed
  1. For stuffing: Add in the cabbage, onions and grated ginger to melted butter with a tbsp. of oil in to wide pan. And, let it cook until the moisture vanishes. Add the salt and pepper. And, cook for some more time.
  2. For dough: Create a semi stiff dough from the plain flour by adding some salt. After done, pour in some oil and knead for 2-3 minutes. Cover with a damp cloth for 15 minutes.
  3. For making Dumplings: Take a small amount of dough, and start rolling in a greased surface. Dust flour as needed to make a thin base for momo. Add about a tsp of stuffing. And, seal as shown in the video.
  4. For Steaming: Boil water in a steamer. While the water is boiling, grease the steamer decks. After greasing add momos to the decks.After water boils, add the decks to the steamer and cover cook for 7-10 mins.
  5. After they get cooked, they will get a little bit transparent. After cooking for 10 mins, let them rest for 2-3 mins in the covered steamer. Finally that shake the steamer and the momos will come out, if you have greased the decks well.
  6. Serve it Hot with Red Chilli/Sesame Seed Chutney/Ketchup/Green Chili Dip
PS: Traditionally sesame oil is added to this delicacy, but butter tastes awesome too.thumb2

Don’t forget to check out the paneer version of this awesome appetizer. Recipe here.

Until then, Happy CookingShooking! 🙂


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Gulab Jamun Recipe | Traditional Desi Style

Hey Foodies,

Gulab Jamun is one such sweet dish I start craving for just when its name is called out for or just in a random food discussion. This warm and soft gulab jamun literally melts in mouth, and one forgets the count of how many they’ve had eaten. And, this is the best part, cause when we buy stuff from the sweet shop vendors we do love it but somewhere, we do feel it is not so great to eat a whole lot of gulab jamuns or any other sweet in abundance.


Simple ingredients and heavenly taste!

Heres the Mawa recipe:
Chenna is here:
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Gulab Jamun Recipe | Traditional Desi Style
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 6
  • Sugar - 1½ Cup
  • Water - 1½ Cup
  • Rose Water - 2 tbsp.
  • Saffron - Few Strands
  • Cardamom - ¼ Tsp
  • Khoya - 90 gm
  • Chenna - 25 gm
  • Maida - 1 tbsp.
  • Baking Powder - 1 Pinch
  • Saffron - few strands
  • Pistachio - 1 tbsp
  • Cardamom - 1 tsp
  • Ghee - for frying
  • Water - as needed
  1. For Sugar Syrup: Add 1 and half cups of water and 1 and half cups of sugar to a big pot. Mix it well, bring it to a roaring boil. Test by dropping one drop of syrup to a bowl of cold water. If the syrup mixes with water after sinking, its ready! We do not require any thread consistency.
  2. Keep aside and add some crushed cardamom pods and saffron strands to it.
  3. Knead chenna until well combined. Keep aside. Knead khoya until smooth and soft.
  4. Mix chenna and khoya. Knead for 2 minutes. Add maida and baking powder to the mixture and fold it all together for completely soft dough. If your dough seems a bit dry, add a tsp. of water/milk to it.
  5. Make filling for Gulab Jamun: one tsp. of cardamom, few strands of saffron, and 1 tbsp. of pistachio. All mixed together.
  6. Make 6 portions out of the mixture by stuffing a bit of the stuffing we prepared.
  7. Heat up ghee. Turn off the gas. Ghee should not be hot. It should just be warm. Slowly, add the balls and let them sink into the ghee. Once it rises, start stirring slowly, creating round turns into the pan so that the balls move and get the color and fried from all sides.
  8. Once, the Gulab Jamuns are of the color you had been searching for, transfer it to the warm enough sugar syrup.
  9. Top the bowl of soft gulab jamuns with some rose water. Let it be in syrup for 4-5 hours. I prefer to eat the next day!
  10. Serve hot by heating in a microwave or in a stove top. Garnish with pistachios and saffron strands.
Sugar syrup should be warm enough while adding the fried balls.
Use homemade chenna and mawa for better results.
Baking powder is a finger dash.
Dough should be soft and smooth. Use Milk/Water to make it soft if its stiff.
For frying, I would suggest a saucepan as shown in video.
Make sure ghee has to be warm when balls are added. And you need to fry them in very low flame. Otherwise they will be raw from inside! It will take 8-15 mins to fry one batch.
Continuously stir the ghee to ensure great color.
Soak gulab jamun in syrup for atleast 4 hours before serving. Taste great next day bdw!

I would love to hear you in the comments section below.

Don’t forget to subscribe me on my youtube channel for video recipes. (I have a giveaway going on on my youtube channel which ends on October 10, so make sure you put up your entry. Click here)

Until then, Happy CookingShooking!

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Video Recipe:

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Chenna Recipe | Indian Cooking Basics

Hey Foodies, Chenna

Chenna Recipe here.. Its a quick post!

I have used this homemade recipe while making prasad for Lord Ganesha, recipe is Sandesh Modak which you can find it here.

Chenna Recipe| Indian Food Basics
Recipe type: Indian Basics
Cuisine: Indian
  • Fresh non-homogenized milk - 500ml
  • Lemon Juice - 2 Tbsp.
  • Water - 2 Tbsp.
  1. Take milk, and boil it in medium flame stirring occasionally to prevent the cream from separating. As it boils, switch off the flame and then keep stirring until 30 secs or so.
  2. Now gradually add the lemon juice. Add 2 tsp at first then stir for 20 secs or so, then keep on adding 1 tsp and stirring until it curdles. If you add excess lemon juice it can lead into stiff/chewy/hard chenna.
  3. Take a bowl, keep a strainer/colander on top of that and then line a wet cheese cloth/muslin cloth. Wet cloth will not wobble/move. Strain the chenna as soon as possible. if you keep the chenna sitting there it can get chewy/hard.
  4. Now add about 1 cup or more of cold water to the chenna. This will cool the chenna also will get rid of the pungent lemon smell.
  5. Gather the sides and then squeeze water slowly.. Dont add much pressure. Squeeze least amount of pressure... Dont take out all the whey from it here.
  6. Dont throw the whey, see tips/notes!
  7. Hang this in a tap or a kitchen cupboard handle and let the whey drop for a hour or two.
  8. Now open and use as required!!
Make sure to stir milk occasionally to prevent the separation of cream.
As soon as it boils, make sure to let it cool for some time or about 1 minute. Then add the lemon juice to curdle. This will make sure that you get soft chenna.
You can use citric acid or vinegar in place of lemon. But lemon works best!!
For making rasgullas, moisture content of the chenna is the main key.. if its wet, they can mix with syrup if very dry they can come out dry.. So make sure to hand it for 1 hour or more and let the chenna moisture drain on its own.
Whey: Guys, trust me this is very versatile.. Dont throw it at all.
Use it as veg stock it any dish, and see the magic. i prefer in sambhar, it takes it to another level.
Make ur pizza, chapati, naan, bread or any kind of dough using this..
Use this to make Kadhi.
Drink it, its proteinous.
Keep it in counter for 3-4 days that'll make it even sour. Then curdle the milk again using this for even softer chenna.
In all there are many many uses of this whey.. Dont throw it at all!
Do let me know the outcome whenever you try this recipe. And, do drop in your valuable feedback in the comments section below and you could also send me a recipe request (Vegetarian only :P)

Video Recipe:

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Baking Supplies In India – Most Cities and Online Stores


You might be very curios to know where to get the supplies here in India, if you are just about to start baking or wants to bake.. Yes, I was the same.. I used to think, Na, we wont get that so called “Whipping Cream”, Spatulas, Baking Tin’s, Yeast etc etc..

But “Dhoondne se to bhagwaan b mil jaate hai, Ye kaunsi badi chiz h” (If we try to find then lord can be found, is this baking supplies a big thing?)

I used to be on a random “where to get baking supplies in India” journey most of the time when i saw a recipe which calls for BAKE! Those were the days, being on a random journey 😛

There are two wonderful blog post by Suma and Nandita for Bangalore and Hyderabad Respectively.. But what about the other cities? What about the updates of stores?

So here’s the list where you can get Baking Supplies.. “This list is made by me using many sources, from help of members of facebook group “Chef At Large” to Several Blog Posts, Asking to Pedestrians in Hyderabad 😛 ”

In the following shops you can get most of the baking supplies like:

Cake Pans, Whipping Cream, Pure Vanilla Extract, Cake boards, gelatin, canned food products, palette knifes, serrated knifes, icing bags, icing nozzles, spatulas, cooking chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate compound, cookie cutters, cocoa powder, vanilla pods, silicone moulds, cupcake liners, muffin moulds, bread loaf tin, turn table, hazelnuts, cream cheese, yeast, parchment paper/butter paper… and more more.. Almost all products can be found but some products are over priced as compared to price in States!

And if your city is not there in the list. Dont worry you can do one of these steps to get baking supplies:


  • Go to your nearest bakery. And ask them where do they get their bakery essentials? Or buy a product then they’ll reply.. And if they dont.. Dont worry, there are more bakeries 😛
  • Or go to the city’s crowded market or a market where we can get most of the products.. And ask to the pedestrians or to shop owners about where to get whipping cream(or take any other name) or you can also ask tomato powder(yes i did it many times and they directed me to Venkateshwara Agencies)
  • If you are shy to got to a bakery and ask them, Buy from a Online store!
  • Ask someone to get supplies.. But as there are bakeries everywhere.. Where will they get the thing from dont you think? So there is a store or two in every city.. And Baking being popular every day in India, there will be more and more stores coming up.



So the list is here!


Chawla Essence Mart, General Market, Hyderabad

Venkateshwara Agencies, General Market, Hyderabad

Baker’s Kraft, Begumpet, Hyderabad

HyperCity, Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad

Auchan, Begumpet, Hyderabad

Godrej Nature Basket, Banjara Hills

Adilaxmi Enterprises, Banjara Hills

KKrishna Agencies, General Market

Nilgiris Super Market



Poppat Jamaal’s, Mount Road/Anna Salai Road, Bang Opp Spencer’s:

Passionate Baking, Anna Nagar East

Nilgiris Super Market



Arife Lamoulde, Crawford market

Home Stop (Level#2, Shopper’s Stop), Inorbit Mall, Malad

Home Centre, Lifestyle, Inorbit Mall, Malad

@Home, Star Bazar, Andheri Link Road

Hypercity, Malad

Arife Lamoulde, Next to Ganatra Hospital, MulundAshimo Chemicals, Opp St. John’s School (022-25335317) Thane

Sweet Corner, Station Road, Thane

Opp Shopper’s Stop, Linking road, Bandra.

Raghuleela Mall, Vashi (I think)

Hiramani stores in APMC Vashi.



Staines Trading Co, Jew Street (Nr. Padma Theatre), Kochi

Bakers Traders, Jew Street, Kochi



Nouham’s Bakery, F Block-New Market

Spencer Hypercity, South City Mall, Jodhpur Park

BaburAlys, New Market




Durga Enterprises, Madivala -25502009

General Food Additives, Seshadripuram

Shops near KR Market Flyover.


Nilgiris Supermarket, M.G Road



Royal Agencies 1445 Shukarwar Peth, 24450723



Bharat Stores, INA Market

Modern Bazaar (NFC)

Morning Store (GK)


Osaba Emporium, Basant lok complex, Next to Priya cinema’s, Vasant Vihar



Le Marche Galleria and Golf Course Road

Modern Bazaar Arjun Marg, DLF Ph.2

Foodhall (Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj, N. Delhi)

Lifestyle Home Store (DT Mall, Gurgaon): for baking dishes etc.


Chain Stores Across India:


Godrej Nature Basket


Online Stores where you can buy online:


And if you are a pro baker. Help our friends out there to get the bakery essentials.. Let me know the store in your city and I’ll update it here! Your few steps will help people start baking!

Thanks for stopping by!


Disclaimer: This post does not endorse any store or advertise. This is just for helping others for getting Baking supplies in India

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Mawa/Khoya Recipe | Indian Cooking Basics

Hey Foodies,

Mawa or khoya is one such ingredient which is part of the most sweets in India and parts of Asia, and is also a need in every dish of the Mughlai cuisine.

Mawa is something, which begins that royal taste to every dish (Well this is why Mughals are even today known for their food). Serious momentary diversion.., okay lets come to the topic I have used the homemade mawa while making, Mawa Modak, Pantua(Soft Gulab Jamun) and Gulab Jamun. Not to forget, I also made Malai Kofta wherein you could add this homemade love.

Here’s the simple recipe of this Indian Cooking Basics..
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Mawa/ Khoya Recipe | All Homemade
Recipe type: Indian Food Basics
Cuisine: Indian
  • Fresh Non-Homogenized Cow Milk - 500ml
  • Ghee - ½ tsp
  1. Take a wide pan, preferably a non stick. Add the milk and let it boil in medium flame.
  2. Stir occasionally to prevent the burning of milk. Stirring also ensures that the malai/cream does not comes to the top and we get a perfect mawa.
  3. In about 20-30 mins, it'll get thick. Once the milk starts getting very thick and gets small bubbles, add the ghee and now continuously stir until it starts leaving sides.
  4. Once it leaves the sides, switch off the flame.
  5. Let it cool in the pan. And if you are not satisfied with the thickness of mawa after it cools, cook for another minute.
For Stiff Mawa: Cook for another 3-4 mins after it leaves sides in lowest flame.
This recipe is of soft mawa/hariyali mawa.
The recipe i gave yields 85-100gm of hariyali/soft mawa.


Do try this, homemade things are always better.. Specially if you are in India, you know it.. people sell adulterated sweets and mawa in festive season.. Prepare these Basics at home and enjoyyyy..

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Video Recipe:

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Mawa Modak | Ganesh Utsav Specials

Hey Foodies,

Mawa Modak, also known as peda modak, khoya modak and amrit modak is one of those sweets which is the most hit in Mumbai sweet shops during the Ganpati Mahotsav. During, the festive time, when we all are struggling to manage our times in everything we do, this is one such recipe which in fact comes handy always. This sweet is basically a milk fudge with some awesome flavors. As always, one could customize the flavors based on availability and desire, here comes the recipe.

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Mawa Modak | Ganesh Utsav Specials
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 5
  • Homemade Mawa - 160 gm
  • Powdered Sugar - ¼ cup or less
  • Cardamom pods - 3-4
  • Saffron strands dissolved in milk - 2 tsp.
  • Ghee - To grease mold
  1. In one pot or a kadhai, add the mawa and cook it until the mawa becomes like a dough. 2-3 minutes it should take.
  2. After the mawa is cooked, transfer it to a surface, Add the crushed cardamon pods. When mixture is warm, add the saffron milk, powder sugar to the mawa mixture. Mix well.
  3. Grease the modak mold with some ghee. And, add the mixture into it and make some delicious modaks.
If your mawa mixture gets dry/crumbly: Dont worry take hot milk, add ½ at a time and knead it like a rasgulla/rasmalai/pizza dough.. Until it gets soft, smooth and perfect..
If your mixture gets runny/sticky/wet: Chill it for 1 hour and then shape them.

Do try this for Lord Ganesha and yourself.. Ah, Dont forget to let me know the outcome. You could check out Mawa-Modak-2my homemade recipe for mawa here.

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Video Recipe:

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Pizza Uttapam | Alternative to Classic Pizza

Hey Foodies,

When I first had the thought of preparing pizza uttapam, I and my family had expected this one to be like the normal uttapam taste with cheese. But, when I made this, we all were astonished with the outcome. Not only, it literally looked like a pizza, it does taste too. This is also one of the recipes which got published at the Deccan Chronicle, by the lovely Amrita di. And, I remember when she tasted this pizza, she din’t know that this was out of rice until it got over 😛

Pizza Uttapam is a healthy yet tasty alternative to our very own pizza. Touches from the south India make it truly stand out and keeping you safe from frequent consumption of maida which is not quite great for health.

Lets begin.
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Pizza Uttapam | South Indian Style Pizza
Serves: 6
  • For Base/Batter: Rice (Soaked Overnight)- 1 cup
  • Urad Dal (Soaked Overnight) - ½ cup
  • Salt - As per taste
  • Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp.
  • Curry leaves - 1 tsp.
  • Coriander - 1 tsp.
  • For the topping: Onion - ½ cup
  • Capsicum - ½ cup
  • Corn Kernels - ½ cup
  • Tomato - ⅓ cup
  • Carrot (grated) - ⅓ cup [Optional]
  • Cheese - ⅓ cup
  • Green chili - 2 to 3
  • Coriander - 1 tbsp.
  • Salt - As per taste
  • Pepper - As per taste
  • Italian herbs - 1 Tsp
  • Chili flakes - 1 Tsp
  • Oil 1 tbsp. (p.p)
  • For the custom sauce: Ketchup - 6 Tbsp
  • Italian herbs - 1 Tsp
  • Salt - As per taste
  • Chili flakes - 1 Tsp
  1. Base/Batter: Take the soaked rice and dal and grind it to a thick smooth batter. Make sure its thick and smooth. Transfer to a bowl, cover and ferment for 4 hours-6 hours.
  2. After batter is fermented, add the salt, cumin, curry leaves(chopped), coriander and stir vigorously for a minute.
  3. Heat a pan/tawa, add 1-2 big ladle fulls of the batter. Dont spread, let it spread on its own. Add a tsp of oil, let it cook until golden.
  4. Mix in ketchup, italian herbs, salt and chilli flakes.
  5. Flip the uttapam now spread the sauce. Sauce is optional! But definitely enhances taste! After the sauce, add the toppings and cheese, salt, pepper, chili flakes. Now some coriander. Cover and cook for 4-5 min in med-low flame.
  6. Transfer to a serving plate, and then sprinkle herbs and chilii flakes. Serve immediately!!


What are you waiting for? Simple ingredients, wonderful look and awesome taste, Go ahead and prepare it.. I am sure

you will prepare this again and again.. 🙂

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Video Recipe:


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Hyderabadi Veg Dum Biryani

Hey Foodies,

Biryani, the pride of Hyderabad, is definitely one dish which everyone knows to cook in their very own ways and styles. Biryani is one such thing which totally distinguishes itself with the plain rice we eat daily and the regular pulao. Biryani is the BIRYANI. So, lets look into the detailed procedure of the much loved Hyderabadi delicacy, the vegetarian version. Oh yes, this is the Hyderabadi Dum Veg Biryani!

This recipe would take 380-400 grams of uncooked Basmati rice which would serve 6.
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Hyderabadi Veg Dum Biryani
Recipe type: Main Course
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 6
  • For Vegetables: Carrot - 1 medium
  • Potatoes - 1 medium
  • Paneer - ½ cup
  • Cauliflower - ½ cup
  • Green peas - 1 tbsp.
  • Yogurt - ½ cup
  • Mint - 1 tbsp.
  • Coriander - 1 tbsp.
  • Ginger-Garlic paste - 1 tsp.
  • Green chili - 4 to 5
  • Oil - 2 tbsp
  • Salt - As per taste
  • Biryani Masala - 1 and ½ tbsp.
  • Red Chili Powder - ½ tsp.
  • Garam Masala Powder - ¼ tsp.
  • Whole Garam Masala - Custom or readymade
  • For Rice: Basmati Rice(soaked for 1 hour) - 380 gms
  • Water - 6-8 cups
  • Oil - 1-2 Tbsp.
  • Whole Garam masala - Custom or readymade
  • Salt - 3 Tsp.
  • For Dum(Bringing together): Yogurt - ½ cup
  • Saffron strands - dipped in milk, a few
  • Chopped Nuts - As desired
  • Mint and Coriander - two handfuls
  • Fried onions - two handfuls
  • Green chili - 4-5 slits
  • Water - ¼ cup
  1. For Veggies: In a kadhai add oil. Now add whole garam masala, ginger-garlic paste. Saute for a minute. Now add carrot, potatoes, cauliflower, peas and salt. Saute until they are lightly cooked.
  2. After the veggies are a bit cooked, add in biryani masala, red chili powder, garam masala powder and gradually add yogurt stirring well to prevent curdling of curd.
  3. Now add mint, coriander, paneer. Cook until the moisture gets dried out which was caused due to adding yogurt. This would take approx 5 minutes. Veggies should not be cooked completely as we will dum it later on. It should 70% cooked.
  4. After the moisture is dried, add some fried onions and transfer to a bowl.
  5. For Rice: Boil water. Add oil, whole garam masala, salt. Boil until roaring boil. Add the soaked rice. In about 3-4 minutes in high flame rice will be 70% done. Test by eating some if it has a bite but its tastes like cooked or press between ur fingers. If breaks into 2 parts its ready. Strain it and spread on a big plate.
  6. For Dum: Take a cooker, add half of the vegetables, yogurt, green chilli, a pinch of salt and some nuts. Let it heat. Now add a handful of mint coriander. Now top it off with a good layer of rice.
  7. Next add the remaining vegetables, remaining mint-coriander(leave 1 tsp. for top), fried onions and the rice. Spread the rice and add the saffron mixture with a bit of mint-coriander, fried onion.
  8. Now sprinkle ¼ cup of water over it, Cover and cook for 2 minutes in lowest flame.
  9. Transfer the cooker to a big pot with some water. This water bath prevents the dum to get burnt.. In about 30-35 minutes the Biryani is ready to make you dig into it.
Cut vegetables in a uniform size.
Veggies are less, but the rice is used more for Biryanis.
You could use raw chopped nuts or saute them in oil and add.
Make sure to soak rice for atleast 1 hour.


Recipe Ingredients are lengthy.. But it looks only onscreen.. Once you start preparing them they does not seem long or more.. Basic Ingredients, Easy Recipe and Traditional Hyderabadi Taste.. Dont forget to try it, I am sure you’ll love it and make it again and again!!!

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Video Recipe:

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