Banoffee Pie Recipe – No Bake Dessert Recipe | Valentines Day Dessert

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Hey Foodies,

This time around, I planned to make Banoffee Pie instead of a cake for my mom & dad’s anniversary..


And I’m glad they liked it, The tremendous combination of Banana and Toffee is to die for! I’ve been making these Banoffee Pie since a long time, but in small tart moulds and calling them as Banoffee Tartlets, which is a great pick-it-up kinda dessert..


So it was familiar and had made numerous times, but this time made in a regular tart pan.. So, let’s make it.. Ah yes, this is a great dessert for Valentines Day as well.. Make it for your loved ones.. 🙂 What’s better? Only 5 Ingredients 😀


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Banoffee Pie Recipe - No Bake Dessert Recipe | Valentines Day Dessert
  • Marie Biscuits : 120g
  • Melted Butter - 6 Tbsp
  • Bananas : 2
  • Condensed Milk - 1 Can (Dulce De Leche from scratch in Notes)
  • Whipping Cream - ½ Cup
  • Chocolate Shavings, Strawberries - as req.
  1. For Dulce De Leche : Add 3-4 cups of water to a pressure cooker, place the sealed can of condensed milk in. Close the pressure cooker and heat in high flame for 2 Whistles and then lower the flame to sim and cook for another 25-30 miniutes.
  2. Remove the cooker from heat and let it cool down on its own completely, once at room temp, open the cooker, take the can out. Use as required. (It is best to let the cool and rest for a couple of hours, i prefer to make a night earlier and let it sit overnight)
  3. Start by adding the biscuits to a plastic bag and get smashing using a rolling pin. It needs to be fine, but some crumbly bits are great! Transfer to a bowl.Pour in some butter, about 3 tbsp at first. Mix and keep adding more butter until it gets to a consistency where if you gather and press some of the mixture in your hand it forms that shape.
  4. Transfer the mixture to a 7" Tart Pan and press down the mixture. Using a glass press even more, also make sure to press the sides using two fingers. Refrigerate for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Whip the cream using a whisk or a electric mixer until peaks form. Keep aside. Slice two bananas.
  6. Bring the tart pan out, make a layer of sliced bananas. Then scoop out the dulce-de-leche and make a layer of it. Dip a spoon in hot water and use if its difficult to spread. Almost all will go in, but don't worry, there will be some for you to indulge!
  7. Spread the whipped cream on top OR use a piping bag and pipe designs as you wish.. I went for some subtle stars using a star tip. Then, refrigerate for atleast 3 hours before serving.
  8. Before serving, curl up some chocolate using a peeler or a knife and add on top, cocoa powder can be dusted as well. I had some strawberries, so i sliced and decorated some of those as well. Slice, and Indulge in the heavenly dessert!
For Making Dulce de leche from scratch which is extremely easy take 500 ml milk, 1 cup sugar and ¼ tsp baking soda. Mix all three and cook just like we make condensed milk. Cook a little longer until it is thick than condensed milk. Let it cool and use. The addition of baking soda at first will ensure the milk caramelizes.


Just a little time consuming, but the recipe is extremely easy.. So make sure you make this, for your self, for your loved ones and Indulge!!!!!

That’s all for today, Enjoy! 🙂

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