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Irani Chai Recipe – How to make Hyderabadi Dum Tea

Hey Foodies,

Irani Café Culture in India, be it Mumbai, Hyderabad or Pune, has changed over the past decades, but if you are a kid born in the 90’s or earlier, then you must have grown up hearing about the famous Irani Café and their signature Irani Chai. Mind you it’s not any Chai; it’s a slow cooked tea which is simmered for forty minutes. The deep flavor of the tea and the creaminess of the milk will make you wanting for more. Try our recipe and I assure you, it’s worth the wait and you won’t be disappointed.

Recipe below!





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Indian Lunch Box Ideas – Beetroot Dal & Matar Broccoli Pulao Recipes – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

Let’s kick start the week with something healthy and quick. Easy, simple Indian lunch boxes meal made from regular staples at home. These recipes will inspire you and ease your burden of what to cook for your child which is healthy, full of nutrients and veggies.. that they so despise. Kid’s needs good fuel to get them through the day and you need something less time consuming cos mornings are very critical. So we’ve put together best lunch box ideas and recipes that your kids going to love. Simple peas and broccoli pulao, lightly flavored and super fragrant and traditional mixed dal made with beetroot for color and nutrition’s what’s more could you ask for, Let’s Begin!

Recipe below!

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Try this to lose weight – 10 kg

Hey Foodies,

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it’s important to kick start your day with a healthy meal, so let’s make Oats Chana Chilla. Quick savory pancakes, made with oats and chana, pan-fried in coconut oil. This super healthy breakfast recipe is also good for weight watchers. Oats and Chana is packed with vital nutrients and is recommended for regular consumption, so let’s stay fit and eat healthy.

Recipe below!

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Swiss Roll Recipe – No Egg Jam Cake Rolls – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

Christmas is just round the corner and what better way to kick start your festive mood with some sweet Swiss Roll Cake. This flat and light sponge cakes are a good change to the usual traditional Christmas fruit cakes which you will find in all stores. Today we will make them at home, without eggs. Fluffy batter, made with flour, sugar, condensed milk and regular milk. Evenly spread on a thin baking tray, baked just for 5 minutes. Super thin and super fluffy cake is ready. Spread any type of sweet filling in the cake and then the tricky part to roll. Rolling a Swiss roll is an art that you can master in time, don’t give up. This Swiss Roll Cake will definitely be a Showstopper at your Christmas luncheon. Merry Christmas to All.

Recipe below!

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Tandoori Dhokla Recipe – Instant Spongy Nylon Khaman without ENO – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

Dhokla is a specialty snack of Gujarat; but now easily available in all parts of India. Dhokla is a savory steamed light, airy and spongy snack similar to a cake. It is made with besan which is the main ingredient along with some baking powder, which plays an important role in puffing up the dhokla. It is then steamed and then tossed is a mustard seeds tadka. Well this was the traditional description, in today’s recipe we have gone a step further and given it a twist. We have marinated the steamed dhokla into a delicious spicy yougurt base tandoori masala, and then tossed it in a pan. Yummy and super easy to make. Let’s get started!

Recipe below!

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Make Whipped Cream from Chickpeas / Cholle | Aquafaba – Eggless Recipes Series

Hey Foodies,

Whipping cream is a thing we face a lot of problems finding it.. Specially the availability in India is bad, easily only available in big cities and that too mostly only for Industrial purposes.. The second issue we vegetarians face is making recipes without eggs..



Worry not, there’s a new revolutionary(Sounds like a marketing gig but not at all, it’s true keep reading) egg replacer in market your own kitchen that not only replaces eggs very well in normal recipes but whips very well to make meringues, macaroons, and many more recipes..



What is it and more about it :
It is aquafaba. Aquafaba means – Bean Water. The liquid which we get after cooking beans/chickpeas or the brine/water from the can of chickpeas/beans. No complexions, Extremely simple.

It can be made at home very well using almost beans, better to use chickpeas/cholle as they are very neutral in flavor.
More about Aquafaba :
When we cook/boil chickpeas/beans, the water that is left behind is the aquafaba. It has a very similar protein structure to egg whites and also has a few properties similar to yolk..
It works as an emulsifier, leavening agent, foaming agent.. So great stuff many of us used to throw away earlier.. History – In December 2014, Mr Joël Roessel discovered about it through a investigation and blogged about it –
In Feb 2015 – Mr Goose Wohlt who is a software engineer in the states discovered and started working on it.. Soon in March he shared about it in a Facebook group and then created a new group for the same : Vegan Meringue Hits & Misses. (Join the group for more stuff about this)
That’s how it all started and since then it has been a storm in the social media.. You can read more about aquafaba here : Also donate if you can to help fund a phytochemical analysis take place about it.. If you can’t, please share the word 🙂

wcafir01More about me working with it..
Aquafaba had started popping in my news feeds & more places in early May 2015 but I had not taken interest in it.. June is when I got interested & started finding more about it and started working on it.. Everything dint start well..

My First Attempt : I made the aquafaba, started whipping it.. No, It just wont. It dint whip it all.. Even after whipping for over 30 minutes..

Second : Same story, Dint gave up.. Tried again, strained the aquafaba twice to make sure nothing is there.. Choice of bowl was also not good, it was way too wide.

Third : Thickened the aquafaba, Slight Ray of hope but not so well.. It whipped a bit.. Pic from my third attempt.. Please excuse the image quality of my experiment images, they were a quick snap with bad settings, bad lighting and all..


Fourth : Finally, it whipped. And I made more, and was just admiring it and it all finished. Remember, it was just from 2 tbsp aquafaba 😛

Fifth : Tried making meringues, total disaster. They all melted. Found Reason after making 4 more times : Was not whipped enough, and oven temperature too high.

Ninth Attempt : Yuhoo, On cloud nine when I successfully made these. Not perfect, but yes I did it.

wcafmeir03 wcafmeir04 wcafmeir05

Tenth onwards : Started Flavoring and making more versions, playing around with oven temperatures, aquafaba thickness, how much to whip and more.. Also started working on other recipes..

wcafmeir06 wcafmeir02 wcafmeir01


For now, let’s get to making whipped cream substitute.. There are other ways of working with aquafaba which I’ll share soon.. And If I’ve missed anything in the post to put up which I should, I will update it very soon.. Wrote this late night in half sleep, will update this post as often as I can with more stuff 🙂


Recipe Makes 2 Cups of Aqua Faba.

I use 1/4 cup of aquafaba with 1/4 cup sugar and whip it, and it is a little over 1 1/4 cups of whipped cream substitute. Feel Free to adjust as you need to.

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Well, that was easy wasn’t it? Why not try it out and let us know how it goes.. Tastes great, is light like clouds.. That’s all for today, Thanks 🙂

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Coconuty Cream Filled Chocolates / Suprise Inside Bounty Inspired Chocolates


Today, we’re going to make some chocolates.. And, you know what? You’re going to go gaga over these!


Sky’s the limit when it comes to flavors you can make but I personally love the coconuty flavor.. Specially Bounty Chocolates, so I thought to recreate something like and it was much much better..


Let’s get rockin with Surprise Inside Chocolates, but first look at the filling.. 😀


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Coconuty Cream Filled Chocolates / Suprise Inside Bounty Inspired Chocolates
  • Milk Chocolate - 175g
  • Dark Chocolate - 75g
  • White Chocolate - 50g
  • Cream - 60ml
  • Desiccated Coconut - 2-3 Tbsp
  • Raisins - 1 Tbsp
  1. Start by melting the Milk and Dark Chocolate in Microwave for 30 seconds, Stir and reheat for 20 more seconds stir. It should Melt or give it 10 second bursts until completely melted.. Keep Aside
  2. In a Saucepan, simmer up 60ml cream, then pour it over 50grams of White Chocolate. Shake the bowl to make sure the chocolate is covered in hot cream.
  3. Stir the cream and chocolate mix till you get it homogeneous. Let it cool down to room temperature.
  4. Take some ice cubes and water in a big bowl, and place the White Chocolate Ganache bowl over it and start whipping it till you get some peaks. Add the desiccated coconut and raisins and stir. Filling is ready.
  5. Get a chocolate mould and fill that ⅓ to ½ half way with the melted chocolate which should not be hot or warm.
  6. Take the Filling and stuff that into a piping bag. Snip off the bottom and pipe it in the moulds in the center of each mould slowly in such a way that it goes in and the melted chocolate comes to the edges till ¾ of the mould.
  7. Tap the mould and then fill the mould till the top with more melted chocolate and tap again.
  8. Freeze for 5 mins. Take out and invert over the mould and see if the chocolate has left the mould and the plastic thing is visible, if it does the chocolate should come from the mould. If it does not freeze for some more time or tap to get the chocolates out. If using a silicone mould, press and squeeze from the back the mould to get each chocolate out. ENJOY
Don't whip the filling or make it super stiff, as it gets stiff as its refrigerated.. The picture shown tells that 🙂
Have a look at the video 🙂

This is such a thing that you’d just love it! I personally, just cannot stop why because the flavor combination is impeccable! Make these just for any time chocolaty treat or pack for your loved ones this festive season! 🙂Coconutycreamfilledbounty2



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Falooda Recipe – Rangeela | Dessert / Sweet Drinks

Hey Foodies..

This Rangeela Falooda, Kulfi Falooda were to come very much early, but could not.. Sorry fellas, But here is my Rangeela Falooda Recipe 🙂 You can even make it even rangeela by making layers of colorful ice cream 🙂







Faloodanoodles (1 of 5)


Looks blissful isn’t it? It sure is 🙂 Check out our Falooda Sev Recipe as well!

Faloodanoodles (4 of 5)


So, let’s have a look at the easy peasy recipe..

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Falooda Recipe - Rangeela | Dessert / Sweet Drinks
Serves: 2
  • Falooda Sev - About ¾ Cup
  • Sabja/Basil Seeds - 1 Tbsp (Soaked in ¾ Cup Water for 2-3 Hours)
  • Pistachio or Khus Ice Cream - 2 Large Scoops
  • Milk - 1½ Cup (Sweetened and chilled)
  • Rose Syrup - ⅓ Cup
  • Mix Nuts - 3 Tbsp
  • Karonda/Candied Cherries - 3-4
  1. In a tall glass, throw in a tablespoon of mix nuts, 1-2 candied cherries. Pour in 3 tbsp rose syrup, then goes in ¾ cup milk slowly.
  2. Load in about ⅓ cup falooda sev or more, and 3-4 tbsp soaked sabja seeds.. Next comes in a large scoop of soft serve/half melted ice cream.
  3. Decorate with Mix nuts and candied cherries and enjoy! 🙂

Faloodanoodles (1 of 5)


You don’t need a reason to make this, go ahead 🙂

Thanks for stopping by,

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Homemade Condensed Milk Recipe | Basic Recipes


Well, We use condensed milk for many recipes, Including Eggless Cakes, Kheer, and lotsa more yummy stuff..


Now, why buy that overpriced canned stuff? When you can make Fresh at home, that too with real natural ingredients..


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Serves: 330 Grams
  • Milk - 500ml {Toned}
  • Sugar - 1 Cup
  • Baking Soda - 1 Pinch {Opt.}
  1. In a pan, pour in the milk and add the sugar.
  2. Heat this up in medium-high flame, stirring regularly. It should take about 20 mins for it to reduce. Milk can froth up and boil over anytime, keep an eye.
  3. We just need to stir this and cook, that's it. Suddenly after 17-18 mins you should see a very vibrant color to it and the texture will be very frothy.
  4. Switch off the flame and add the baking soda(optional). Stir well and let it cool.
  5. Once cooled, stir well and store or use immediately.

That sounds easy, and yet is perfect for any dish.. But, I love licking it…


Video Recipe:

That’s it for today, Hope to hear from you soon :)

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Buttercream Recipe

Hey Foodies,

You all have been asking me for buttercream, Here it comes!



Everyone has their own recipe, but it all starts with a base recipe right? A mix

of butter and hefty amount of sugar is blended to an extend when its airy, fluffy, light, and creamy. Thats what is Buttercream Icing or Frosting is..


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Buttercream Recipe
  • Unsalted Butter - ¼ Cup [Room Temp]
  • Sugar - 1 Cup
  • Cream - 1½ Tbsp {Quantity depends upon weather}
  • Vanilla - Few Drops
  1. In a mixing bowl, add in the butter and beat it really well using a electric mixer.
For storing, cover and refrigerate/freeze. For defrosting, take the buttercream to room temp then beat it really well to make it creamy, if needed add some cream and beat.

Make this and share your awesome creations with me 🙂

Video Recipe:



That’s it for today, Hope to hear from you soon :)

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