Curd n Cheese Sandwich – Indian Grilled Sandwich | Kids Lunch Box Recipes

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Hey Foodies,

We all love cheesy dishes, Here’s a Curd and Cheese Sandwich Recipe for you..

Curd n Cheese Sandwich-1

Now, this is perfect as it is doesn’t need any dip as well as makes a Perrrfeecctt dish to have in the breakfast, or in the Lunch box, or as anytime snack! “Ek teer – teen nishane” 😛 Let’s get to this amazing Suji Toast Style Cheese Sandwich recipe!

Curd n Cheese Sandwich-3

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Curd n Cheese Sandwich - Grilled Sandwich | Kids Lunch Box Recipes
  • Bread Slices - 6
  • Onions - ¼ Cup {Roughly Chopped}
  • Grated Cheese - ¼ Cup
  • Cheese Slices - 3
  • Curd - 2 Tbsp + ¼ Cup
  • Green Chutney - 1 Tsp {Or 1 tbsp chopped coriander}
  • Salt - To Taste
  • Chili flakes - 1 Tsp
  • Oregano - ½ Tsp
  • Semolina/Suji - 3 Tbsp
  • Corn Meal - 3 Tbsp
  • Hudson Canola Oil - 3-4 Tbsp
  1. In a bowl, mix in onions, grated cheese, 2 tbsp curd and green chutney. Add salt to taste, ½ Tsp oregano and ½ Tsp chili flakes. Mix,filling is ready keep aside.
  2. In another bowl, mix in semolina, corn meal, salt to taste, ½ tsp chili flakes and ¼ cup curd. Add water to make a thin batter.
  3. Heat up a griddle pan, with 2 tbsp Hudson Canola Oil.
  4. Take a bread slice, load up the the filling place a cheese slice on, cover with another bread. Press, dip in the semolina-cornmeal batter and Keep to grill in the Hot Grill Pan.
  5. Once golden from beneath, spread 1 tsp Hudson Canola oil on the uncooked slice and flip over to grill! Slice and serve, or pack in the lunch box! 🙂
Instead of using 3 tbsp corn meal you can use semolina.

Curd n Cheese Sandwich-2

This Suji Toast Style Cheese Sandwich is a to go recipe all the time! Requires Ingredients that are available in your pantry, totally customizable and completely awesome taste! Make sure you try it out and ENJOY!

That’s it for today,

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