Homemade Butterscotch Sauce Recipe - Easy Basic Recipe | Perfect for Topping, Cakes & More
  • Sugar - 200gms
  • Butter - 60gms
  • Salt - ½ Tsp
  • Cream - 200ml
  • Milk - 100ml
  1. Mix Milk and Cream and keep aside.
  2. Start by heating a sauce pan, and add the sugar to it. Continuously stir over medium high heat until it caramelizes. if any lumps form, break them with the wooden spatula you're using.
  3. Be with it and keep stirring, don't heat and go away! This dry process of making caramel happens very fast!
  4. Flavor completely depends upon how much you caramelize the sugar. I did it till it was just done, amber golden color and started smoking a lil bit.
  5. Once caramel is done, switch off the flame and add in the butter & salt. Stir it well, it will froth so be careful.
  6. Now while stirring with one hand, add the milk and cream mixture a little bit. Stir well, and then start the flame in medium. Add the milk+cream mix lil at a time and keep stirring till most of the mix is added and the lumps are dissolved.
  7. Keep a little bit of the milk+cream mixture like about 3-4 tbsp of it aside. Once the butterscotch sauce is looking good and smooth and has started boiling a little bit, add that left milk+cream mixture stir well and get to a light simmer and switch off the flame.
  8. Keep the sauce aside to cool to room temperature. Use as desired.
You can use 100ml of apple juice instead of the 100ml milk. And also add 100g of apple sauce or 100gms of apple grated if you wish to.
I suggest to keep in refrigerator and bring it to room temp before using if you wish to store it, which it might keep very well for about a week or more. Freshness really is awesome, so make little and use asap :)
Recipe by CookingShooking at https://cookingshooking.com/butterscotch-sauce/