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Tandoori Gobi Recipe – No Oven | Cauliflower Tikka Made in Gas Stove – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

Who does not like anything cooked in a tandoor, but mind you tandoor cooking is an art to master over time. So we just decided to give it our own version of tandoor cooking. Today’s recipe is just, that making tandoor cooking easy. Tandoori Gobi is just one of the few dishes that are apt for all veggie food lovers. Pieces of gobi florets marinated in a thick yogurt and mildly spiced marinade. Smoked for 30 minutes with the help of hot burning charcoal and ghee, until the smoky flavor and aroma is captured in the Gobi and then delicately skewered and cooked over direct heat until lightly charred and cooked. Tandoori Gobi is a popular Indian appetizer and every piece is full of flavor, delicious and mouthwatering.

Recipe below!

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