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Taco Mexicana – Homemade Dominos Style in Tawa / Oven Tacos Shells Recipes – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

Tacos are a popular Mexican street food. Tacos are easy to make and a very practical meal if in a hurry you can stuff with any kind of filling and serve. Today’s recipe is a fun twist to this classic Mexican dish…Let’s call it an Indo- Mexican taco recipe. Arancini patties made with red kidney beans, rice and some mix of Indian spices, battered and coated, shallow fried until golden brown. The harissa sauce made with super-hot red chilli and fresh garlic and coriander but easily mellowed down with loads of mayonnaise. Tacos made with Indian Laccha Parathas, slathered with the harissa sauce, aracini patty, sprinkled some Mexican seasoning and pan fried or even baked.

Recipe below!

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