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Sambar Recipe – Homemade Powder, Idli Dosa Hotel Sambhar – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

Making sambar powder from scratch is not an easy task, especially for the untrained. The secret to a great sambar lies in the freshness of the quality of spices that are used to make the sambar powder and of course the method in which it’s made. In today’s recipe we will not only learn to make the traditional sambar powder from scratch but we will also make yummy traditional authentic flavorful sambar with the homemade sambar powder.  To simply explain what sambar is all about, it’s a lentil based vegetable stew, which is cooked with freshly ground aromatic masala. Tamarind and jaggery gives the sambar the extra zing and sweetness and elevates the taste.  So let’s begin!

Recipe below!

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