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Keema Masala Recipe – Veg Soya Kheema Restaurant Style Qeema – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

After a long week of festivity and over indulgence of sweets and mouthwatering dishes, it’s time to mellow down and eat something healthy which is packed with nutrients. Today’s recipe is just that, we are making Veg Soya Kheema or Queema, the key ingredients used is obviously Soya. If you want to give it an authentic kheema feel then you have got to use Soya granules. Soak the soya until soft and then cook them in a thick tomato and onion gravy, enhance the flavor by using homemade masala, add to the richness by adding paneer and then use little bit of more butter or ghee…totally optional. Slow cooked Veg Soya Kheema is ready to be served. Do try this recipe and enjoy!

Recipe below!

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Paneer Biryani Recipe – Restaurant Style | Indian Main Course Recipes

Hey Foodies,

We all crave for food all the time, don’t we? This is one recipe which once you make it, you’re going to crave for it again & again..


This Paneer Biryani is what I order everytime I’m in a restaurant, and this is what they usually give in a thali.. Super glad, I tried to make it at home, and bingo tastier results.. 😀


Smooth, sweet flavor from birista, or fried onions & a sublte flavor from cloves.. Try it to believe it, you’re going to love it!! Let’s begin with the recipe 🙂

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That was a bit lengthy, but believe me it is easy! Make it, and let me know how it turns out for you’all 🙂

Thanks 🙂

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