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Chocolate Paan Recipe – Choco Meetha Pan Indian Street Food – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

Let’s make one of the most popular and trending dish today, super simple and with just the right quantity of sweetness to end your meal. We are talking about Homemade Chocolate Paan. If you are living in India then you must be well aware of these small packets of paan that we once in a while indulge at the paanwala. So today we will make these meetha paan with a slight variation, the basic ingredients will be the same, but with the addition of chocolate and hazelnut paste will take it to another level. Begin by trimming and washing the paan leaves and then apply a good amount of hazelnut paste, top it with all the sweet goodies like moth freshener, saunf, tutti frutti, desiccated coconut and not to forget the secret ingredients chocolate chips. Fold it and seal it,  then comes the most delicious part, dipping the paan in some melted chocolate and serving it cold. Enjoy this meetha paan after a hearty meal.

Recipe below!

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