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Instant Jalebi Recipe Halwai Style Without Rangkat Hydro Yeast – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

No auspicious or happy occasion is complete in India without a heavy dose of sweets. So today’s recipe is all about making the perfect round crispy jalebis. This recipe is made true Indian Halwai style no yeast and no additives.  Smooth batter made with flour, urad dal powder, ghee and eno. Piped directly into hot oil to make lovely spirals, fried till golden crisp, then dunked in shiny kesar flavored sugar syrup, served either hot or cold. The art of making these rounds of crispy jalebis needs little practice but easily achievable. This instant jalebi recipe is a savior when you have unexpected guest and if your kids have a strong craving for it. The best part is the mixture can be stored in the freezer and is readily available to make in a jiffy.

Recipe below!

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