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Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Recipe – Eggless in Cooker – CookingShooking

Hey Foodies,

Today’s recipe is for all the people who have sweet tooth. The classic and traditional Pineapple Upside- Down Cake. Simple to make with minimum fuss, catered to vegetarians since it’s an eggless batter cake and also cooked in a cooker, as not everyone has an oven at home. This is a tried and tested recipe, and you can never go wrong. Caramelize the sugar until thick and glossy, place fresh pineapple rings and fresh cherries. Make a batter with flour, condensed milk and butter. Pour the luscious batter in the cake tin and bake in the cooker…and Voila your yummy mouth-watering; melting in your mouth cake is ready. Serve with your evening tea and Enjoy.

Recipe below!

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