Baked Khichdi Recipe / Rice Casserole | One Pot Recipe Challenge

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Hey Foodies,

Don’t you feel lazy at times to cook a dish? What comes up to you? I basically look to make a simple, healthy and easy to make.. If that’s one pot, icing on the cake!


So the wonderful people behind Mooppi! have challenged me to make my favorite One Pot Dish.. My response was why not? There’s lot more one pot recipes than One Pot Pasta..


In an instant, I knew what I will make, it’s baked khichdi.. It’s simple to make, high on nutrition, and there are numerous ways you can gorge on it. Be it serving a scoop full with papad, chutney and achar or a wedge with schezwan sauce 😉


Let’s not delay any further, here’s the recipe in detail:

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Baked Khichdi Recipe / Rice Casserole | One Pot Recipe Challenge
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Baked Khichdi Recipe / Rice Casserole | One Pot Recipe Challenge
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Preparing Rice and Dals
  • 1 1/2 cup Rice
  • 1 cup Dals (I used a mix - 2 types of moong dal, chana dal)
For the Khichdi
For Finishing Baked Khichdi
Preparing Rice & Dals
  1. Wash the rice & dals twice and then soak in water for 30 minutes.
For Khichdi
  1. Heat up a casserole in medium flame and add two tbsp of oil into it. Once the oil is hot, add cumin seeds, some cloves, a bark of cinnamon and a dried red chili followed by few peppercorns. Next add the chopped ginger and green chili.
  2. Follow up by adding the vegetables to the spice mix, cubed potatoes and carrots. Season it with salt and turmeric. Once these are half cooked, add the french beans, cauliflower and peas. Give it a mix and add the rice and dal mix to the vegetables. Add some water and cover it with a lid to cook for about 20 minutes or so in medium flame.
  3. After the khichdi is cooked, let it sit idle for about 15 minutes.
For Baked Khichdi
  1. Open it and mash it using a spoon, very roughly not very fine. For a rigid top after it is baked, just texturise it using a fork on the top. Next, pour some ghee on top. Sprinkle some salt, coriander powder & red chili powder. Top it with some chopped coriander and cheddar cheese. And, bake it for 20 minutes at 180 degrees and finally broil it for 5 minutes at 210 degrees.
  2. Once our baked khichdi is done, Relish it with some chutney, papad and yogurt!
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I did my part, Now it’s your turn & you can win a $250 Amazon Gift Card if you can impress many peeps and get their winks for your dish. The person with the most winks, and the higher level will win the challenge on 25th February 2016.

The challenge to you – Make your favorite One Pot Dish and post it on the Mooppi App in the challenge – . You may post an image, or an video or if you like to you want to a writeup. Get the Mooppi App now and game on –

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That’s all peeps, catch you soon 🙂

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